Getting Started

Terminology: #

Boards: Their main purpose is to simplify the management of your entries. They have a URL that can be used within OBS or XSplit to show your cool stuff.

Entries: Each entry consists out of four parts:

  • Trigger: A shortcut that decides when the entry should be shown
  • Source: The image, sound, or video which either can be stored locally or linked from the web
  • Effect: The way how your entry gets displayed
  • Animation: Defining what animation will be used by showing and hiding your entry.

Parts of HC-Boards #

Dashboard #

1Main menuAccess your boards and your dashboard. Click on the boards entry to access a list of all of your boards.
2User menuClick on your avatar to logout or manage your subscriptions. The bell shows you the latest news of HC-Boards and the cog gives you additional options.
3UpgradeWhen you’re using HC-Boards for free you can upgrade here in order to get more entries, boards and effects.
4Connection indicatorTells you whether the widget server is running. If no connection could be established your entries won’t work.
5Active shortcutsShows how much shortcuts of entries are currently active.
6Feedback, DiscordIf you want to give feedback or join our discord channel simply click on the respective buttons.

Board-Detail #

1Board nameYour board’s name.
2Board SettingsHere you can rename, delete or disable your board. When a board is disabled its entries will stop working, too.
3Widget URLBehind this URL is the board’s widget which you can insert into your streaming tool of choice. A detailed description on how to do that can be found here: Using it within OBS or XSplit
4Entry name and list of your entriesThe area below will sum up all entries assigned to this specific board and its widget URL.
5New entry buttonAdds a new entry. You have to choose a file type and a name for it to work. Filetypes cannot be changed later.
6Entry optionsUsing this button you can edit the entry’s name, delete or rename it. Click on the preview to open its settings.

Entry-Detail #

1Config typesAs mentioned in the beginning an entry is divided into 4 properties, here you can switch between three of them. Depending of your file type some settings will change, e.g. no animation tab for sounds.
2Source typeIn case you forgot.
3Source optionsYou can either choose to edit the asset type (Weblink/ Local file) or the assigned source.
4Source metadataInfos of the given source above.