Using it within OBS or XSplit

In order to use HC-Boards within OBS, XSplit, etc. you have to use the Desktop Variant of HC-Boards.

Make sure to read the Getting Started Guide in order to get comfortable with the terminology and usage of HC-Boards.

Configure the Widget #

How Widgets work #

Widgets are simple websites locally hosted on your machine. Each widget has a special URL that represents one of your boards. In order to use those widgets you have to get copy that URL and use it as a source within your Streaming tools.

Get the Widget Link #

Each board has it’s own unique widget link. It can be found on the left side, under the name of the board.


Integration #

It’s strongly advised to start HC-Boards before your streaming tools so the widgets are already loaded. Otherwise, you might have to switch the scene again.


Copy the URL of the Widget and navigate to the scene you want to use it in. Add a Source and choose Browser.

Create a new Source and paste the URL.

Make also sure you have enabled the following option:


XSplit #

Add a Webpage Source and simply paste the URL.